IF WE'RE RECKLESS - Tatiana Manaois

And when it's cold you keep me warm,
Can't forget the way you keep me calm through every storm,
And I just love, love your company,
And trust me, if it was up to me,
I'd love to be everywhere you go,
Can't get enough, you see,
This is why I miss you more,
Baby, I hate to leave, baby please,
Just know I always want you next to me,
Can't you see, and if you ever feel so lost inside,
I smile with the slightest hope that I crossed your mind,
Cause every time it's getting rough,
I'll be the one to show you love, the one to pick you up,
And yes things might get crazy,
But we can make a way see,
Even I can get out of control, don't be ashamed,
We all make mistakes from time to time and mess up,
Feeling like the only thing to do is to give the rest up,
But guess what, all you gotta do is keep your head up,
And I'll be with you please don't forget us, love.





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